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The fun turns up when the sun heads down!

Welcome to Glenlore Trails! We’re setting out to change the expectations for entertainment options by creating multi sensory, story driven concepts that are as much fun for the family as they are for a night out with friends. Learn more below.

A New Entertainment Option

Glenlore Trails is an immersive night walk that’s great for family time, date nights, or quality time with friends.

Glenlore Trails is an immersive night walk based out of Commerce, Michigan. Each year we operate multiple experiences. Every Thursday to Sunday evening during season, the forest comes to life in a dazzling display of light, sound, and wonder.

This family-friendly experience is perfect for a night out with family, spending time with friends, or earning points on date night. Earlier time slots tend to fill with young families, while the evening brings out a louder crowd. Tickets are only available here.

The fun turns up when the sun heads down.

Experience the magic

& wonder of Glenlore Trails!

What started out as a simple way to keep our team busy during the lockdown and provide to the community in a time of need, has now become something much more! We’re excited to be continue to bring you a different type of immersive entertainment, in a local environment.

What’s in plan for the future? We have a lot of new content in the works. We’ve also taken the feedback from all of you into our planning – and will continue to do so each year. Explore new content, more interactive elements, and additional experiences!

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What To Expect

On Your Visit to Glenlore Trails

1 Mile / 1 Hour

We continue modifying our experiences based on the feedback we receive from you! This year the trail is much longer – over 1 mile. Expect the experience to take an hour.


A night out isn’t right without some party favors. On site concessions include light snacks, beverages, and Glenlore merchandise. There are restrooms along the trail.

Photo Ready

We recommend leaving your phones behind and disconnecting while you enjoy the trails. Photography is allowed though – just be courteous to others.

Live Performance

You may encounter live performance along the trails! From flow dancers, to musicians, to theatrical moments. We’re working hard to incorporate more of these magical moments.

Some of the headlines

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