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Immersive & interactive entertainment!

Welcome to Glenlore Trails! We’re setting out to change the expectations for entertainment options by creating multi sensory, story driven concepts that are as much fun for the family as they are for a night out with friends. Learn more below!

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& wonder of Glenlore Trails!

What started out as a simple way to keep our team busy during the lockdown and provide to the community in a time of need, has now become something much more! Glenlore Trails is expanding and we’re excited to be continuing to bring you a different type of immersive entertainment!

What’s in plan for 2021? We have a lot of new content in the works. We’ve also taken feedback from all of you into our planning. We’ll be open again in Spring of 2021 with new content, massively expanded trails, and additional locations! That means more time on site and more to experience. Drop your email below to stay connected!

We create brand experiences too. Contact Corporate Sales for more information.

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Hi! We’re glad you’re here! Our team is always working on something exciting new things and we would love to share them with you! If you want to hear about what’s coming next, or perhaps receive the occasional promotion – sign up below!

This was amazing! Awesome job! Thank you!

Chris Riley

We really enjoyed our visit. Thank you for keeping the crowds low. It gave us a chance to enjoy the light show and keep safe. Very well done.

Jill Pritts

Great family spot. Spooky not Scary. Fun and surprisingly interactive. 10/10

Aaron MacEachern

Very nice and relaxing walk very peaceful the staff was outstanding and very nice definitely recommend for anyone with kids had an amazing experience and will be returning!!!!

Jeremy Byers

We absolutely loved this! the music with the lights, amazing! My sons thought this was very cool. We highly recommend going after 9:30 to experience the full effects of the lights.

Jennifer Ortner

It was seriously one of the coolest experiences ever! Not to mention super cautious with everything going on right now (took your temp. At the entrance and everything) every group was pretty spaced out on the trail and you still had time toe experience everything! We will definitely be going back again!

Kara Dean